8th Annual Good Space Dash for the Beads Grants Proposal Form – 2017

In 2017, the Good Space Dash for The Beads (DFB) organization will award grants to area Oak Cliff organizations that support 1) youth athletics, health & fitness, or 2) youth arts & music.  The organization can be a PTA or other parent-led group that supports a local school or a non-profit organization that has youth health and fitness or arts programs.  Grants are available to registered 501(c)(3) organizations in amounts up to $1000.  The criteria for the grant awards are: 1) demonstration of need, 2) overall impact of program / project, 3) the impact on youth in the Oak Cliff area, 4) clarity of purpose (as presented in proposal), 5) alignment with DFB mission – athletics, health, fitness, and 6) participation and/or volunteer support in DFB event.


The 2017 grant submission deadline has passed but please check back in early 2018!